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Block of Ice Application

Now Accepting Block of Ice Applications for 2020

What is a block of ice?

A block of ice is 50 minutes of private ice provided to non-profit organizations who have programs for children and teens. Ice is regularly priced at $300/50-minutes

How can a block of ice be used?

A block can be used as a fundraising tool or an appreciation event for supporters of your cause. Generally, only one block of ice is awarded.

How do I use a block of ice as a fundraiser?

As your organization is receiving ice at no charge to your organization, you can charge a fee for supporters to come and skate. We recommend charging anywhere between $5-$10 per person.

Are skates included in our block of ice?

Skates are not included in your block of ice. Amelia Park Arena does rent skates (both hockey and figure) at a rate of $4/pair.

Blocks of ice are limited each year and unfortunately, not every application will be accepted. We accommodate groups on a first come first served basis.

To be considered, please review the procedures below:

  1. Print and Complete application below 
  2. E-mail applications to
  3. You will received a notification email upon receipt of application
  4. We will contact your with a time for your event once the process is complete.